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1. Age Requirements
What are your minimum age requirements?

Renters/ Drivers must be 21 years old for car groups A, B, C and 25 years old for other car groups. Under the age of 21, there is an extra charge for insurance coverage. The maximum allowed driving age is 75 years. Drivers over the age of 75 will need to pay an extra fee.

2. International Driver’s License
Am I required to hold an International Driver’s License (IDL)?

Cosmos-Corfu Airport Car Rentals recommends you hold an International Drivers Permit except for your local driver’s license. An IDL is written in 10 languages and serves as an officially recognized translation of your local driver’s license in over 150 participating members of the United Nations. Your IDL should always be accompanied by your valid local driving license. The UN itself does not issue driving permits, but use authorized travel associations to administer the service. A passport-size booklet is administered verifying that the motorist has a valid driver’s license from his/her permanent place of residence. In reference to travelers from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc. a driver’s license is acceptable by Cosmos-Corfu Airport Car Rental, however, the Greek Police Authorities do not accept these licenses and so you are required to hold a valid International Drivers permit too.

3. Documentation for Receiving Car Rentals
What documentation is required when hiring a car with Cosmos-Corfu Airport Car Rental?

When you rent your car, you are required to: (1) Show a valid driver’s license and any form of ID. (2) Sign the Legal Rental Agreement, accept the standard rental terms and conditions and insurance coverage of Cosmos-Corfu Airport Car Rentals.

4. Driving Car Rentals Outside Corfu
Am I allowed to get your cars on a ferry and drive them outside Corfu?

You are not allowed to take car rentals on a ferry without a written permission of Cosmos-Corfu Airport Car Rentals. Moreover, road assistance services concerning the mainland of Greece must be added in your insurance package. If the car is driven outside the island, there will be a charge per kilometre driven

5. Renting for someone else
Can I reserve a car rental for someone else?

Yes, of course, but personal information regarding the driver must be included in the reservation form.

6. Car Rental Discounts & Special Offers
Are there any offers or discounts applied to the costs of car rentals?

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